Modifications to the plane till

I have to say I’m finding this whole cleanout process quite rewarding. The garage is actually starting to look neat, I can focus my attention on making sure a handful of tools are tuned up and ready to go instead of half-finishing a pile of them, and it’s also creating a lot more space which is making everything easier to organise.

I’ve cleaned out the plane till a bit and removed a couple of ‘tool shaped objects’ (most notably the Stanley RB10) to a box of planes that may go, and my moulding planes and surform tools are in a box below the till as they don’t get used often. They will end up going as well if I find that they aren’t being used, which I suspect is likely.

I’m now on the lookout for a plough plane and a router plane to finish out the set, these are two recommended by Chris Schwatz and I see the logic behind him suggesting them. I have the body of a Stanley #55 sitting there and I’m considering making a fence and blades for it to fill the plough role, though I may have a Record Plough coming from a friend at the local woodworking group though so will hold off on this until I find out about that one.

I think I might have a go at making an Old Woman’s Tooth router plane, based on Derek Cohan’s guide. I have some Jarrah and brass around so that could work nicely.

Now that the plane till has been cleaned out a bit I decided to move the block planes to the main rack and remove the box I’d added for them, giving me room to hang my spokeshaves and scraper plane. I just marked out the locations and put some brass hooks in and this appears to work, we’ll see how it goes under use.

You can see that some of the planes are still half assembled, I’ve got to finish these up and get them all back together shortly. Once they are all working I’ll see which I use. I can see myself keeping them all when I don’t need to, just because they look nice there, but I can decide that later on.

The keen eye will note the body of a second 4 1/2 in the picture. It’s about to be rebuilt from parts of a variety of planes and will be configured as a scrub plane. I get hold of quite a bit of rough stock and think I’d find one handy. Again, if it doesn’t get used it will go to make room for something I do.



Plane Storage – Part 2

With the recent large addition to my plane collection I needed to modify my plane rack to handle them. This was pretty simple, get a chisel under the dividers, pop them out, plane them clean and reglue, and add a few new ones.

I’m thinking of keeping the second 4 1/2 as well and modifying it to be used as a scrub plane, and I’d eventually want a Stanley #3 if I can find one cheap so will leave room for those. I’m going to clear the top of the unit and build a second smaller rack for the wooden planes up there.