What was once a saw…

In the previous post I mentioned the problem I’m having with too much ‘stuff’. One of the ways to deal with this is to take some of the excess and convert it into something you need but don’t have.

Last weekend I took an unwanted sawblade (cost 50c) and turned it into a couple of card scrapers. It’s good old steel and took a bit of work to cut, in the end the old aviation sheers did all the work when the jigsaw refused to touch it.

I marked out a couple of rectangles and cut them out. After that I filed the cutting edge flat, polished it with a stone then used an old firmer chisel to make the hook.

Not the prettiest tools around, but they work nicely. The smaller of the two will get a rounded end when I get time. I’d not used a scraper before but from the results I got trying these out I think I will be using them often.



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