Drill bit storage

I’m constantly amazed at the number of different things a simple drill can do. It can of course drill holes, but with the right bit it can create flat bottomed holes, cut plugs, clean metal (wire brush), act as a grinder, sand and the list goes on.

The problem is storing all these accessories in a way you can find them and also in a way where you will be easily able to put things back where they belong. We all know that if we can’t put it away in a few seconds, it ends up on the floor under the bench!.

Here’s my latest attempt at bringing order to the chaos.

The containers are from the citric acid I use to remove rust, wrapped with insulation tape for appearance. The larger one used to contain herbs. I’ve split the bits into the different types and this way I can just pick up a whole container, take it to the bench and then drop the bits into it when done before returning it to the shelf at the end of the day. The buffing wheels and sanding disk sit in the lower shelf, I still need to find a way to store the rest of the bits and pieces that go with the drill.


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