Seasonal Woodwork

I’ve noticed from reading the blogs of some of our woodworking friends in the northern hemisphere that winter brings with it a set of problems for them. It’s too cold in the shed, machines freeze up etc.

Down here in Australia, we have the opposite problem. Winter days are generally quite nice and even in the middle of July it’s no problem to continue working. Summer however is the opposite. Even today in the middle of spring I found it took hot in the garage to work comfortably. I’ve already got a fan positioned near my workbench but the small amount of labour to drill a few holes with a hand drill left me sweating. It must be 30c in there even with the windows and garage door open.

It doesn’t mean I’ll stop working in there, it just means I take a break during the hottest part of the day and working in the evenings, which is where being a handtool enthusiast comes in handy – I can work until late in the day without disturbing the neighbours.

Strangely enough as it fits in well with the title of this post, my current project is cutting out some wooden Christmas decorations. My girlfriend and I have decided that we wanted to try making some of out own instead of buying more plastic, mass produced decorations this year. More on that later today once the camera batteries are charged.




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