Restoring an old tenon saw

I picked up a tenon saw the other day, look a few posts back for that story if interested, and today I’m stuck at home while the car’s being serviced so decided to start work on it.

Here it is just after work on cleaning up the blade has begun. I can’t find my drill chuck so did it all by hand for now, once I find it the wire brush will make it a lot faster and a fair bit nicer to look at.

First step was to unscrew the handle and pop it off

If there’s been a lot of the old finish left I would have tried and restored it, instead I sanded it lightly to get rid of all the old stuff, then cleaned up any edges that were badly worn as well. I would normally sand to 1200 grit on handles but I’m out of it so went to 320, and I’m still pleased with the results.

I’d been trying a variety of finishes on my saw handles and right now I’m liking plain old boiled linseed oil. It’s easy to apply, dries quickly, doesn’t make the garage and attached house smell for days, and is easy to reapply whenever the handles start to need it.

Wipe in on, wipe it off, then repeat until you get a bit of a nice shine. Here’s the saw put back together until I find the drill chuck and clean the blade some more, it will get a few more coats of oil once it’s dried. This one will get shapened up and may replace my other tenon, though it’s just been professionally sharpened so not for a while!.


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