Rust Hunting Adventures – 5th October 2011

I was starting work late on Wednesday and had to go to the post office so decided to do a little rust hunting while out. I headed to a local thift store where I’ve not had luck before, but it was close so worth a look. I was about to give up when I spotted a saw handle sticking out of a large tub holding sporting gear. I found 7 saws, but only bought the three below for $3 each. All Disstons and all with perfect handles except for one missing a screw – easy fix. I’ve got the restore process started on these so will post after images once done. I expect them to come up well.

The tenon’s a bit of a find too, you don’t find many around and while this is a near twin to my other one, it’s a higher quality model than my keystone version – Henry Disston and Sons stamped into the back, which is sadly still steel not brass. It does have the brass screws though and should come up nicely. I’m still hunting for that elusive brass backed tenon though, I think they just look so much nicer than steel backed ones. I’ve taken a few better shots of this one and will look at posting a full tutorial on how I restore it.

The next stop was a local pawn shop, which actually does keep hand tools, so I went and had a look. I picked up this tone for $5, I’m not sure if it’s water or oil yet so have to try it with water and see, but it’s in good condition and is wider than any stone I have so will be great for sharpening the wider plane blades.


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