What’s the most used tool in your shop?

For me, it’s probably the $20 garage sale drop saw I picked up a few months back. I’d just been to the library to drop off some books and saw the sign on the way back, so swung round just as they were packing up for the day. The owner had upgraded to something bigger and better, and despite having this on offer for $50 all day there were no takers. He offered it to me for $25, and I talked him down a bit more.

Since then, it’s become a mainstay of my workshop. Mark the wood to  length, throw it onto the dropsaw and cut it up, then get back to work. It’s not my favourite tool, being noisy and messy, but it does speed up my workflow considerably.

For the price, I will be happy if it gives me a few more months of work, but I know now that I’d be looking for a replacement when it dies. For a woodworker without a tablesaw I think it’s a very useful tool to have around.


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