What do you do with your sawdust?

I don’t create that much sawddust, because I generally prefer to work with handtools and they are a lot less prone to creating clouds of the stuff than power tools are. Today though I’ve had both the router and the dropsaw going, so ended up with the pile below, and that’s only about a third of it.

If I have a clean floor and there’s nothing but sawdust there I sweep it up and mix it into the garden soil. You have to be careful with this though as it will suck out nitrogen as it breaks down, taking it away from the plants. I also remember pulling a potplant out of my grandfathers garden after he passed away only to find that the sawdust he’d used as mulch had solidified around the stem of the plant, basically waterproofing the pot which wasn’t a great help to its occupant.

You can also store some of it for filling screw and nail holes in wood, mixed with some glue it can often hide them well, especially if you use the sawdust from the same board you are filling.

I’ve also used some to soak up oil from the car then thrown it out, and I’ve known people who use it mixed in with cat litter to absorb the smell a bit. I’m sure there’s a ton of uses I haven’t thought of, and would be interested to hear from anyone reading about what they use it for, or if it just ends up in the bin.


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