Building a Ladder hanger

My workshop shares a small single garage with my car and some of the household items like the whipper snipper and ladders.  They generally live in front of the workbench until I move them to work, then go back when I need to park the car.

I’ve been meaning to put together a hanger for the ladder so I could mount it on the wall out of the way for a while, and as this is Roundtuit Month 2011 I decided that this morning was the time to get it done. Here’s the little alcove I plan to use.

I started by working out how far apart the hooks needed to be, and how far off the wall they needed to sit because the ladder has angled feet and sticks out from the wall a bit. Once that was done, I grabbed a spare chunk of hardwood and used the mitre saw to cut halfway through on each side. The reason for this is that I didn’t want the full block depth to screw to the wall, it would need screws longer than I had around. A few bits of scrap made a handy prop to let me cut out the waste.

Once cut out, clean up the waste with a wide chisel. I have a 32mm Fatmax I like to use for this sort of work, as I can thump it without worrying about damaging a handle on my good chisels.

Once done with one side, do the other the same way, then ease the edges with a block plane and give it a light sand. It’s going to by holding up a ladder not sitting in a furniture shop, but it’s up to you how much effort you put in at this point.

Then it’s a matter of drilling holes for the hooks you bought and attaching them

To mount it on the wall, I drilled a couple of holes in the ends of the wood, then drilled the brick with a masonry bit. Tap a couple of wall anchors in and screw it to the wall, making sure it’s nice and firm, you don’t want the ladder falling off onto your car!. You could use dynabolts here if that’s a concern.

and finally, with the ladder attached. To remove the ladder, lift it above the hooks and pull forward.

There’s room at the side so I might take the opportunity to use that up and get the whipper snipper off the floor as well, or the little stepladder. Now there’s one less thing I have to move to get to my workbench.


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