Count the clamps

I was looking through my workshop pictures folder today seeing if there was anything I could share with you and found this one. It’s a leftover that I don’t think got used in the workbench build posts, but something struck me when I looked at it. It’s a perfect example of a number of different types of clamps all in use.

I’ve seen a number of “What’s your favourite tool” threads on various woodworking forums and the answer is never clamps, but where would we be without them?. There’s at least three different types in this picture – a pile of F-Clamps, the big blue corner clamp, and the vice itself which is probably the most used tool in my shed.

If I was to take a picture of every different type of clamp in my workshop I’d have C-Clamps, edging clamps, another variety of corner clamp, handscrews, sash clamps and probably a few more, plus a number of different vices that perform a similar function.

I can’t think of many projects that don’t use at least one clamping device in some way. Here’s a challenge for you, leave a comment for me to tell me how many different types of clamps are in your shed. I’d be interested to see the results.


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