Every once in a while…

Every once in a while you get the opportunity to show your other half why you spend hours in the shed by building a nice piece of furniture or by being able to fix a few things around the house with the myriad of tools you’ve collected.

I got the opportunity recently to fix a chair that was coming apart

and to fix a loose door handle. Why this was just stuck into the door and glued I have no idea, but it’s a pain to fix when it works loose.
Getting these little household jobs done seems to justify the time we spend in our shed or garages for at least a day or two, and are often the perfect excuse to get the minster for finance to let you buy another tool. I’m sure mine is reading this though so I have to tell you that I’d never do that and yes dear, you did authorise the purchase of a new set of sash clamps when the last chair came unstuck!

The thing is though, we need to make sure that we don’t fall into the ‘tradies trap’. You know the one, where the plumbers house has leaking pipes or the builder has had a half finished deck for a decade while their spouse despairs.

From what I hear, most of us woodworkers are lucky guys or ladies, and have fairly understanding partners so here’s my challenge to you for the coming weekend. Make sure you give up a little of that shed time and get a couple of fixes done around the house. Don’t make a song and dance about them, just quietly get them done and keep everyone happy.


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