Sydney BH&G Show 2011

I went along with my girlfriend to the Better Homes & Gardens 2011 Show in Sydney yesterday. Despite the pouring rain that stopped us seeing most of the gardening exhibits it was still an enjoyable day. Lots of free food tasting, some very nice coffee and just enough tool stands mixed in to make it worthwhile for me.

Bosch were the standout display, letting you play with a Dremel and engrave your own dremel branded dogtag style bottle opener. I’m sure a lot of people who would normally avoid power tools had a go with that and enjoyed it. They were also the best for promotional freebies.

Ryobi gave away green enviro bags but sadly all that was inside was a lanyard and a catalogue. You could line up and try to win a cordless drill but I didn’t have any luck there. You could try out some of the Ryobi One+ cordless products though so that was enjoyable.

Trojan gave away hats but the display was basically pegboard full of their tools. They needed some sort of interactive element.

There were also two people selling the Z-Vice, which was fantastic looking until they revealed the price tags, and someone drilling holes through files to show how good their drill bits were.

Here’s the haul of the tool related promo stuff for your viewing pleasure.


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