Second Impressions – Xu1 Orbital Sander

Well I was quite impressed with this out of the box, but right now it’s sitting on the shelf unused for one simple reason. The paper clamps just won’t hold the sandpaper on. I noted that they were a bit stiff initially, but they have loosened up too much and now I can’t really use it. I’m considering returning it to see if it’s a fault with this particular one but I think it’s more likely a design flaw.

I’m going to see if I can improve the situation, if not then it’s $20 wasted and my first bad experience with the brand. Shame really…


One thought on “Second Impressions – Xu1 Orbital Sander

  1. Hi David

    I’ve found that if you use rolls of paper (generally from the paint section of the local hardware store) and cut it a bit longer than a standard sheet, you can loop it back around on itself and tape it with gaffa or even use tiny spring clips. Still annoyed at the quality, but mostly because I’ve had good luck with their other tools.


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