A visit home and some new old tools

I  was visiting my parents a few weeks ago and happened to be chatting to their neighbour over the fence. He’s a builder and had just bought some new tools. I went around to visit his workshop and admire them, and we got to talking. He’s the kind of guy who likes new tools, and there’s nothing wrong with that. Especially when he finds out I like restoring old tools and goes rummaging around his workshop looking for old chisels!. I walked away with 5 Bahco’s and two unknowns, and some of these are nice small sizes that I didn’t previously have. They’ve been cleaned up a little since the original photo below, but aren’t quite ready for action just yet.


2 thoughts on “A visit home and some new old tools

  1. Nice haul! I wonder, if you have duplicate sizes this could be a good opportunity for freehand sharpening practice, or maybe even convert one into a skew!

    • I’ve got a couple of old firmer’s that I think might make better skews, the bevel edge plus the angle on these might be too thin and weak. I’ll post pics once I convert the firmers. I’m not a huge fan of freehand sharpening when it’s so easy to set up and use a sharpening jig, I get predictable results for an extra 20 seconds work.

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