Too many unfinished projects

I’m not the king of unfinished projects. I know a few people who have projects that have been running for longer than I’ve been alive. I am however easily distracted and forever starting something new without finishing things off first.

I’ve decided that I should post a list on the blog of what’s coming up, so you know to check back if something interests you and for me to be a little bit accountable for actually finishing what I start.

First up is finishing the bench. I need to get the top screwed down, the vice faces on, dog holes drilled, base shelf added and the whole thing sanded and oiled. I think that will take me a couple of weekends. The problem is that as soon as it was usable I stopped working on it and left it at the 85% complete stage.

Second is building a saw till. I want to dismantle my mobile pegboard wall as it’s taking too much floor space and really only holds my saws. If I build a saw till and mount it in one of the shelving units like I did for the plane till I will get a lot of space back.

Once the saw till is built, I need to finish the small pile of semi-restored saws and get them put away. I can have some of them soaking and the handles drying while I build the till so part of this job can be done in parallel with #2.

After that, I want to dismantle the pegboard wall and plane all the rough timber clean so I can build a combined router and mitre saw stand.

Then comes the rest of the list

  • Finish restoring planes
  • Build a few planes (there’s an 80cm maple jointer, a scrub and an infill block plane on the todo list)
  • Make a carving mallet (there’s a big piece of spotted gum sitting there ready to be marked up and cut, I’ll be doing this without a lathe so should be an interesting project)
Then somewhere down the line I actually start doing some woodwork that isn’t related to the workshop – making boxes, more children’s blocks, some planter boxes for outside. I’ll get there eventually…I think.

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