Staying safe

I’m pretty safety conscious around the workshop for one simple reason. My grandfather and great-grandfather were both missing fingers due to woodworking accidents.

With this in the front of my mind every time I work, I try very hard to keep all of mine, along with avoiding other workshop accidents.

I’ve long ago found that unless something is right in front of me I won’t do it, so I wanted to make sure I remembered all my safety gear whenever I worked. The solution was as simple as putting a couple of screws into the bricks next to the powerpoints, because that’s where I usually work.

On these makeshift hooks are my basic safety gear – goggles, dust mask and earmuffs. I actually have to move them to plug the mitre saw in, so take that opportunity to put them on. I also know exactly where they are at all times so have no excuse for not wearing them.


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