Another saw restore

I borrowed my father’s circular saw to de-rust it for him, and have managed to misplace a washer (or so he says – I am very careful to keep all parts for restorations in one safe location!). He wanted to make a few cuts at home so I suggested he use one of his hand saws instead, only to be told they were in no shape to do it.

I took this as a challenge to fix up a couple of them and so wanted to share the before and in progress pictures with you. The red handled saw has had more time spent on it but they still both need quite a bit more work then a good sharpen to be at their best. I wouldn’t normally bother with restoring plastic handled saws, but these one’s are Dad’s and have been around for as long as I can remember, so they get special treatment.

I used my standard treatment – take them apart, blades into a citric acid bath then sandpaper through the grits to clean them up. I actually stuck a wire brush in the drill for the red one and got good results so will try it on the other as well. You can see an odd bar of darker colour on the black saw blade – just occasionally the citric acid reacts strangely on parts of a tool,  generally where it’s been heat treated differently (like the tip of a plane blade) but I’m curious as to why that would have been done to a saw blade. It should polish out just fine though.


In Progress


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