More progress on the workbench – Part 3

Well I didn’t get it quite finished today, but I got the front vice installed, along with a cupboard in the front. The top is partially screwed down.

I have to admit to cheating with the cupboard – my late grandfather made it for my mother about 15 years ago, but its been my parents garage for a few years now as it no longer fit with their redone kitchen so I salvaged it to put into my bench. I wasn’t sure about the idea but built the frame to fit it, and once I put it in place I knew it had to stay there. It just felt right.

It adds a little storage and looks nice, but the thing I like most about it is that it’s something my grandfather made in something I made. Dad’s vice and mountings are in there too so there’s three generations of the family’s work in this one bench.

Still to go – finish mounting the benchtop, put faces onto the vice, put the bottom shelf in then finish a few tidy up bits and pieces, but here’s what it looks like currently.


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