More progress on the workbench

Last weekend I all but finished the workbench legs. Today so far I’ve managed to cut and put together the frame, so it’s starting to look like a proper bench instead of a big pile of oddly shaped wood. I’ve only stopped long enough to give my back a rest and grab something to eat then I hope to have the frame finished and sanded this afternoon, ready for the front vice and top to be put on tomorrow.

Here are the legs, ready for the crossbars. I’m quite hopeful that it will be a solid bench given how stable these seem by themselves.

Here’s the same legs with the first crossbar fitted.

Next is the frame put together with the top rails in place. I found at this point that while my concept was sound, my joinery skills aren’t so there was some fine tuning to come to get it all square.

Another picture of the frame clamped together so you can see the joins more clearly

The next step was to glue and screw the top rails to the legs. Two screws each to start with, the other two will go in at the end and be used for final squaring of the frame. here’s the frame once this has been done.

To save time by not having to continually swap the drill and countersink bits, I put the countersink bit into my hand drill. I find it also lets you control how deep you go better than the electric drill anyway.

I noticed when I put it all together that the parts I hand cut were much more square than those I did on the power mitre saw. I’ll have to have a look at that and fix the alignment. Here’s the hand cut parts.

And here’s the machine cut ones. Notice the gap on the right hand side. The second crossbar did fix this a lot but I’m still surprised out how much it was out.

The last couple of things I did before taking a little break was to put in one of the secondary crossbars and to put a chamfer on the end of the legs, and sand them flat. This is mostly for appearance but I think it looks much nicer done than left totally square.

Back to work now!


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