The “My First Toolbox” Project

I happened across something interesting when digging some old saws out of dad’s garage the other day. It’s a little dovetailed case that my grandfather made. We’re not sure if it’s the one he made my as my first toolbox when I was about 5 or one saved from the rubbish heap when we cleaned out his house over a decade ago.

It looks like it’s had about three different finishes over the years, and the metal parts have rusted, but there’s still something that drew my eye to it. It just reminded me of taking my little tools out to the garage and working on little projects while dad worked at the proper workbench.

This little trip down memory lane made me decide to do something, and I’ll document the progress here. I’m going to restore the toolbox and try to find as many of those original tools I was given so I can put it all back together. Maybe someday if I have children of my own they can have it, if not then it’s something nice for me to remember my grandfather by.

At the moment, I only know where one of the tools is. It’s a little spirit level still in good working order, and hangs on a hook in my workshop. I know for sure that there was a brad hammer, a tape measure, a junior hacksaw and a ruler, so I’ll have to go hunting for those at Dad’s place.

I’ll add to these a few more things, like a carpenter’s pencil, a little try square and a small hand drill if I can locate one, and look at making holders inside the case for all the tools.


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