Storing odd shaped tools on pegboard

I’m sure I’m not alone in having a wall or two of pegboard in my garage. I don’t think there’s many woodworkers who don’t have a least some of their tools stored this way. The problem is, while you can get all sorts of fancy hooks for it, what do you do with the tools the hooks just can’t handle?.

There’s pictures below of two different ways I’ve coped with odd shaped tools.

The first way is to shape dowels and glue them into the holes to form a rest for the tool. You can see it here holding up a couple of surform tools. I bought the dowel, cut it to about 2cm longer than I wanted and used a cheap tap and die set to bring the end down to a thinner diameter. A bit of PVA around the edges and a blow from a rubber mallet and it’s good to go.

The second method is a bit more time consuming but can give nice results. It’s making special racks for each of the odd tools, or groups of tools.

I’ve made these out of merbau but you could just as easily use pine or ply. If you look back at the earliest blog posts you can see these racks in the out of focus pictures there, but I’ve taken a few new ones to illustrate them in action better.

These have two L shaped hooks at the back and to put in the pegboard you just tilt them up and then let them fall back into place.


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