Building the workbench legs

I got time yesterday to start cutting and putting the workbench legs together. These are made of two 100mm x 50mm pieces of oregon laminated together with PVA glue. One piece is the full 75cm height, while the other half is two shorter lengths glue in place to make lap joints with the cross rails.

I rough planed the wood, got the pieces cut and glued up, and I’ve started sanding them now. I’ve also run a light chamfer on the edges and plan to run a larger chamfer on the bottom of the legs as well. I may end up running the roundover bit over it all but I think I like the hand done look more.

Here you can see the one half marked up, ready for the other half to be glued in place. I used an offcut as a crossbar to make sure I got a good fit when setting these down, and again once I’d tightened the clamps as it shifted the workpiece a little.

Below you can see the end piece glued in to form the lap joint for the bottom rail. I’ll need to trim a bit off the small end block before I can finish this leg as I overcut it a bit. You can see the spacer in this picture as well.

Next weekend I hope to finish these off and get the base together. I’m going to have to screw the benchtop down from above as the bow isn’t coming out of it as quickly as I would have liked, but that should be fine. Then I can mount the front vice and drill some dog holes.


2 thoughts on “Building the workbench legs

  1. Andrew, You mention using “oregon” for your bench legs, this is a term I am not familiar with. It appears to be a fir or spruce species, am I right. Also good job so far. I built a bench using the same method several years ago and it is still in use.

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