Restoring a Handplane – Part 2

I got time yesterday to start cleaning up the Record 5 1/2 some more. I’d already given it an acid bath with the other parts to take the rust off, so what remained was mostly grease and dirt.

I put a sheet of 80 grit sandpaper onto the orbital sander and got to work. Someone’s probably just shuddered at the thought of a power tool taking all the nice steel off, but it barely touches it – the majority of what it removes is that caked on top layer that we don’t want anyway.

After a slight detour to buy a new sander (see “Where do old tools go when they die”), I worked through the grits to 1200. I’ve not quite got all the chrome off the lever cap, but overall it’s a big improvement. The rest of the work will need to be done by hand, then I will finish off with the polishing wheel on the drill to get a shine on them.


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