Restoring a Handplane – Part 1.5

My day job keeps me busy during the week but I still manage to spend a lot of the time between weekends dreaming of what I’d like to get done when they finally arrive. Last weekend was full of getting the workbench planned and starting the restore on the recently acquired planes.

I’ve been thinking about what’s left on the restore of the old Record 5 1/2 and the next step is to give the metal parts a sand to clean up any leftover rust and grime, then possibly hit them all with the buffing wheel if I get energetic.

I’m thinking about stripping all the remaining chrome off the lever cap and polishing it up, which matches my #6 (which appears to be from the period where Stanley built them that way). I can’t restore the chrome so why not make it presentable another way?. This isn’t something I’d do for a collector level restore, but all these will end up as users, so pretty isn’t as important as functional to me.

After that the handles a light sanding and a coat of varnish, which then gets polished off with 1200 grit to make them look and feel nicely worn in again. Then the tune-up work begins – lapping and waxing the sole, making sure the chipbreaker is fitted right, sharpening and cambering the blade a little.

The final step in the restore is to post pictures of lovely long shavings for your viewing pleasure. Stay tuned to this channel!


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