The issue of power (or lack of it)

The power points in my garage are right next to the door, where my workbench is right up the other end. It’s a pain and a trip hazard running a long cable across the floor so I went looking for another option.

 I was contemplating getting a sparky in to add one near the bench but the cost would be around $150, so I started looking at running a cable around the wall to the bench. That’s when I happened to look up. The auto-door opener is plugged into it’s own roof mounted plug. Why hadn’t I noticed it before?

The answer is simple – because I’ve never had need to. I’ve never had to replace the globe in it, and it’s too far out of reach to be useful for plugging anything else into. But now that I’ve noticed it I intend to put it to good use. I’m currently deciding between one of those four outlet hanging units and a traditional powerboard run to behind the bench. The later looks nicer and is easier to reach, but the other is much easier to install, costs about 1/3 of the price of getting a powerpoint installed and has the big advantage of being behind me when I’m at the bench.

If I put the powerpoints behind the bench, I have to deal with the cord dragging out over the workpiece. If it’s hanging behind me, I run the cord up to it and it stays out of my way while I work. I’m fond of throwing the cords over my shoulder while I work so I can control where it is in relation to the tool’s blade anyway.

I’ll post pics once I decide which way to go. The moral of the story though is to always look up – who knows what you will find?


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