Floor Mats

My little workshop is in the garage, on a concrete slab. It’s not the best on your legs and I’ve often finished for the day aching.

I’d tried some old foam mats but they were too thick and spongy to work on, so had always planned to buy some rubber and put it down.

Last week Aldi had their workmate branded anti-fatigue mats on sale at $20 each. They looked quite decent so I considered it. Yesterday I decided to get one to find they’d been reduced to half price so bought a few and carried them all the way back to work. They feel like they will do the job and if they wear out after a year or two I can replace them, but when similar other ones cost near $50 for the same 600 x 900 size then I think it’s worth a go.

I’ve added the poll functionality to the site so would like you to tell me what you use to protect your legs in the workshop.


2 thoughts on “Floor Mats

  1. Hi Andrew,

    My floor is also concrete. I have two thicknesses of cardboard around my bench. Cardboard from a large refrigerator. Better to stand on and saves your tools from dings.

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