Plane Storage

When I told a workmate that I’d spent the weekend working on plane storage, his comment was “couldn’t you just rent a hanger?”.

I’d been looking at making thing to store my small plane collection for a while, as they’d all been cramped up on a metal shelf and I had to pull about half out to get to the larger ones.

I’d seen designs for a plane till on a number of sites so had a go at one. The wood is maple recycled from my childhood bunk beds, the MDF back from a palette, and the dividers from the local timber yards throwaway pile. Total build time was about 2 hours, though this was before I had either a jigsaw or router so those would both speed up the process considerably if you have access to them.

The frame is butt joints, the internal box is just glued in as are the dividers, but they are holding strongly.

I’m not happy with the dark stain I put on it but there’s a list of other projects longer than my arm to get through before I consider refinishing it. It’s locked into place in the galvanised shelving by an angled wedge at the bottom and some side struts.

The planes are held in place by gravity, plus the dividers are a tight fit so add some resistance to removal.

My little plane storage unit


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