Back in the workshop

It’s been a while since my last post here, a combination of holidays and being busy. I’ve managed to get some productive work done over the last month or so though. I’ve build and installed a plane till into my shelving units to keep my little collection safe, I’ve done a fair bit to clean up the garage and improve storage, and I’ve started work on a permanent workbench.

On that topic – I love my little portable workbench and plan to put it to work even once the bigger bench is built. It’s been very good to me and without it I wouldn’t have been able to do anything this year. I’m going to remove the vice to locate it in the new bench and possibly the heavier top too, bringing the weight down so it’s easier to move, but I’m thinking that the top needs a tray underneath for tools while working, so that could be a good modification to do.

My lovely girlfriend added a jigsaw to my arsenal for my birthday and I managed to get a router as well thanks to a number of bunnings vouchers received as gifts, so I’ve been having a lot of fun with both of them. I’m very much a fan of hand tools but sometimes power tools open up methods of working that would be so much harder by hand. I'[d just about given up on building a handplane because the handle looked too much work but with the jigsaw it should be easy.

I’m also in the process of culling down all the bits and pieces I’ve managed to collect over the year, some of the $2 shop tools I started with are destined for the toolbag that lives in the car, and some of the broken tools have already hit the bin. I’d been hoarding broken hacksaw blades, drill bits, worn out sandpaper and tiny offcuts it seems, and without them cluttering up the place working is a lot easier.

On that topic, what do you think you need multiples of and when is one enough?. For multiples, clamps, chisels with different angles, planes for different jobs etc I think are fine, but when do you need multiple wooden mallets for example?.






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