Pegboard Holders (Part 1)

Well it’s been a while but finally got around to doing some more work on the mobile tool wall. I got fed up with the pegboard hooks falling out but I wasn’t ready to glue them in place as I’m still building up my toolset. Instead, I started work on a set of tool holders that clip into the pegboard. I can move them around as needed but I’m much happier with the result than I was just using the pegboard hooks.

These use standard L hooks screwed into the back, sunken in a bit so there’s only about as much hook showing as needed to slip into the pegboard then then lock tight. You just tilt them upwards to remove but they won’t come out on their own.

The wood’s some scrap merbau, you could use pine or pretty much anything, this is just what I had in the right lengths. The process is pretty simple too

– Lay out your tools on it giving about 3cm each end for the angle cuts

– Mark and drill or cut out the holes as required

– Hold it up to the pegboard and mark where it meets two holes, then drill the holes for the L hooks

I finished these off by sanding to 1200 grit and then coating with linseed oil. I wouldn’t normally go to 1200 but I really like the polished effect the merbau gets when you really sand it.

More to be done, I still have plenty of scrap and lots of tools that need a home!


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