Workbench upgrade

I asked Santa (aka my gf) for a craftright folding workbench for Christmas. My dad’s used one for years for smaller jobs, and I wanted somewhere to work. These are fantasic little benches for handyman work but they need a little extra for serious woodwork. With that in mind I made a few modifications to mine

The original is shown below. First step was to put on slightly thicker and wider hardwood benchtops, which had the added advantage of raising the height about 2cm which suited me better. Dad’s old vice was mounted in and given wide jaws with some scrap blackbutt that I had laying around. The inside vice jaws got a facing of meranti so they had a more consistant clamping surface.

The handles broke off when I dropped it so I need to shape dowels to fit them, and I’d like to finish the edges with blackbutt if I can find enough around the workshop. It’s gone from about 10kg to near 30 with these changes so is a lot more stable, and still folds up fine.

Next steps are to add a hardwood block on one side so that the inside vice can be used for edge planing, and to swap the thin steel crossbars for something heavy, more blackbutt if I can because I know it’s likely to last for years. After that I’ll put back the two other end dogholes and make up some new benchdogs, and it should be great.



4 thoughts on “Workbench upgrade

  1. I’d like to ask my girlfriend to buy me a workbench for Christmas but I don’t think my wife would approve. And I’d have to find one first.


  2. I like your idea for thr modified workbench. Can you post a picture of it upside down so that I can see how you have mounted the vice?

    • Hi Andrew

      I’ll see what I can do!. Basically it’s a front block mounted to the top and a spacer block underneath, much like on a traditional bench. I didn’t have anything the right size when I put it together so it’s nice and rough!

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