A new mallet and square

I decided yesterday that I spend far too much time either talking about woodworking, typing about woodworking, collecting tools for woodworking or collecting wood for woodworking, without actually doing much woodworking!

In an attempt to remedy this, here’s the first two of my “5 projects in 5 days” that I’m doing over the long weekend.

The first is a simple laminated mallet, the wood is something unknown I salvaged from a pallet but I knew I liked it a lot. It’s very very hard. I had no idea what to do with it so took an offcut to work and played with it all week, trying to find out what it wanted to be. This is what it decided to become!. It’s a little rough but I’m very proud of it, and it feels just right in my hand.

The second is something I’ve been wanting to make for ages, and never got around to. It’s a simple framing square, the wood’s from a $6 piece of meranti, the finish is raw linseed oil. It’s as square as the bought squares in my shop and I can see myself using it a lot. 20 minutes work and again I’m happy with the result, even if it is something a 10 year old could make!


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