Making the best of a rainy day

Yesterday was wet. Very very wet. Plus, I had to stay home so we could get the annual pest inspection done. So I pottered around, did the housework, watched the inspection, then took the car out of the garage so I could get some work done.

First on the agenda was to finish pulling apart a large pallet I’d been given because it was getting in the road of the car. Two of the four 2×3 pieces had already been removed and run through the thicknesser at the local woodworking club and came up so well I wanted the other two to run through next month. After a bit of a struggle and a few broken boards I had it apart. The bits I wanted were fine, but the boards I’d hoped to use as well appear quite bowed so went into the pile to be thrown out.

Next up was a general tidy, throwing out the scraps that always seem to accumulate – bits of sandpaper too small to reuse, tiny offcuts, empty glue bottles etc. Into the bin they went.

I’d been waiting for time to try and finish restoring two planes – my father’s #4 and a #5 I was given. The #5 was in decent condition but wasn’t taking perfect shavings, so I took it apart and started flattening the blade. An hour later it was looking like new so it went into a bucket of turps to get any residue off. The #4 parts were already in there but they will need more soaking so I’ve left them there to tackle later today.

I have two little trojan brand planes my girlfriend got me at Christmas, a low angle block and a little bench plane. The block had worked great out of the box but the bench plane had never made me happy. I got out a straighteedge and took a look at the sole and the blade and found my problems. Another hour on the oilstone and it’s taking perfect shavings, and is very useable for cleaning up board edges on the fly. I used in on the next project for the day…

I’ve been meaning to do some work on the mobile tool rack for a few weeks but have been too busy. Today seemed a perfect opportunity so I grabed some scrap pine and made a rail to hold my chisels. It’s just been stained so I’ll try and put it up later today with pics.

Finish up with staining some old tool handles to freshen them up, a quick sweep and things are looking much better.


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