The joys of early morning markets

I went for a wander around the local markets this morning. I had an ulterior motive for dragging my better half out of bed today though, I was looking for a blade to make a scrub plane. No joy there, but I did pick up something else quite cute.

After a rather nice Bacon & Egg roll we had a good wander around. No luck whatsoever. There was one ‘antique’ dealer but no tools that I could see but one little piece of metal caught my eye. I decided I’d head back later on once he’d cleared the rest of the clutter out of the way.

After a tour of the stalls, she sat down with some licorice and a pile of cookbooks I’d bought her in our travels while I went to investigate that little piece that drew my eye.

It turned out to be a little plane, smaller (about 10cm long, 2cm widde blade) and much higher angle than a standard block plane. I’d imagine it was built for model makers. Weighs a ton for its size. Rough casting, and the sides are welded to the base so I’m not sure if it’s mass produced or home made. I’m sure of the make or quality, but for the 50c the owner wanted I was willing to give it a go!!


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