A rolling good tale…

I, like many of my fellow woodworkers, work in a garage that shares its space with a car most of the time.

This always presents a challenge for storing tools. I had planned to go down the normal pegboard-on-the-walls route but the clearance on the side I wanted to do it wasn’t great. I probably would have knocked stuff down every time I exited the car.

The solution? A rolling, two sided frame with pegboard both sides. Made of cheap 35 x 70mm pine from the local hardware store and some leftover pegboard raided from my fathers garage, it took about 6 hours from start to (un)finish, then the stain took another hour later on. It would have been faster if I wasn’t making every cut with a cheap tenon saw on a wobbling bench!.

It’s on four casters, and the base is 450mm deep, so you get plenty of clearance for the tools on both sides but it’s nice and stable. I just roll it out to where I’m working when needed, and so far it’s doing the job just fine

Regrets? Only that I didn’t clean up the rough pine properly first, but it still looks quite decent if a bit rustic!


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